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Thread: CFC Voting Member Summer Quarterly meeting Sunday June 23rd to Thursday June 27th

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    Default CFC Voting Member Summer Quarterly meeting Sunday June 23rd to Thursday June 27th

    There will be a quarterly meeting of the voting members on Sunday June 23rd toThursday June 27th

    CFC Summer Quarterly meeting of Voting Members Sunday June 23rd to Thursday June 27th, 2024
    === Note this meeting is five days long but could be extended if necessary===

    Most meetings tend to wind down after five days anyway.

    1. Agenda
    2. Opening Comments of Chair
    3. Voting member Sign-in - sign in by voting for any of the options
    4. Reports (Executive members and Officers please post your reports here)
    A. President
    B. Vice President
    C. Secretary
    D. Woman’s Coordinator
    E. FIDE Representative/Masters Representative
    F. Youth Coordinator
    G. Board Member at Large
    H. Board Member at Large
    I. Rating Auditor
    J. Chess Foundation of Canada
    K. Kalev Pugi Fund
    L. Treasurer
    M. Executive Director

    5A Discussion Items
    1) Candidates tournament
    Canadian Chess, the future
    3) CFC Financial Summary 2023-2024
    4) Safe play framework for the CFC
    5) Bids for National Events
    6) Vancouver lawsuit over fair play violations and liability insurance
    7) New business

    5B Motions
    No motions as of yet.

    Part II "The Voting Booth" Voting on motions

    Attention voting members: the voting period is day 4 Wed through day 5 Thurs

    6.Voting on possible motions
    7. Closing Comments by Chair
    8. Adjournment
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    I believe that making this only 5 days long, especially in the middle of summer, will affect attendance.

    I know of multiple people who will be out of country during those planned 5 days.

    Similarly, having voting over only two days seems tight for people who are away.

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    Let's hope they discuss getting rid of the horrible deflating CFC rating system and start using the FIDE upgrade idea. It is far better than our current system.

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