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Thread: Scams from my junk mail folder

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    Default Scams from my junk mail folder

    These last few weeks I haven't been checking my junk folder as regularly. Today I did. A few people promising to give me large sums of money if I will just click on a link. Does anyone fall for these anymore?

    The other is one that I have seen a lot of lately. They claim to have hacked all my devices and if I don't pay a certain sum in bitcoin to a certain account all will be revealed to my contact list. I thought these were kind of cool the first time I got one of them and would be a good premise for a thriller where the scammer sent them to the wrong person.

    Alas every good idea is not unique. The Equalizer 3 with Denzel Washington and The Beekeeper with Jason Statham seem to cover this scenario quite well though in both cases it is some outside person righting the wrongs inflicted by these agents of chaos.

    The latest deadline came and went without me seeing it and the consequences have been as toothless as one of Joe Biden's red lines.

    If someone had control of all of my devices wouldn't it be a good idea to remove his email from the spam list or even to do the transfer to his bitcoin account directly without my intervention?
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    I wasn't sure email scams needed a separate thread when I long ago created one regarding Confidence Tricks in this sub-forum, but I guess the more the merrier:

    Speaking of Joe Biden [and his red lines], and real world news/politics in general, I've found the themes (especially as I see them) have been pretty monotonous for many months now (excluding back in October, when the Gaza-Hamas conflict ignited). Trump has been mired in court cases, still threatens NATO's existence, and MAGA Republicans are suppressing aid to Ukraine (perhaps the only big feather in Biden's cap is that he tries to help, but even then the aid by the West in general is deliberately insufficient for Ukraine to win, and nowadays even worse so). Trump did some good things as POTUS, more than credited, but he's still an anti-Chr. candidate in my eyes, if there's ever going to be one. Trudeau continues to make me ill. Taiwan continues to be menaced. Actors like Putin and Iran continue to literally get away with murder. Netanyahu overdoes it, but Israel is fighting to exist as always, and Netanyahu also sees an opportunity to yet again delay his bribery case. Jerusalem is still a flash point. Covid is still around, just not so deadly, for quite some time now. The manmade global warming crowd's beat goes on. So, I haven't bothered posting a new Real World News thread; I've also been busier, and not quite as healthy, lately.
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