4D. Women’s Coordinator report

Good evening,

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the activities undertaken during my tenure as Women’s Coordinator:

1. **Event Organization:** The inaugural Women's and Girls' Festival in Toronto was successfully organized, attracting 64 participants.

2. **Annual Championship Proposal:** A proposal was initiated for the establishment of the Canadian Women's Championship as an annual event, with the aim of enhancing its prestige.

3. **Player Selection Criteria:** Valuable discussions were initiated concerning player selection criteria, with a focus on attracting top-tier players to our championships.

4. **Championship Promotion:** Active support was provided in promoting the 2023 Canadian Women's Closed Championship, resulting in the participation of 21 individuals.

5. **Chess Recognition Advocacy:** Efforts were made to promote the petition for chess recognition as an official sport in Canada, aligning with our commitment to this cause.

6. **Effective Communication:** Consistent communication was maintained with FIDE officials, including the Deputy Chair of the FIDE Management Board and FIDE WOM Chair, fostering valuable connections within the global chess community.

7. **Toronto Chess Festival:** The organization of the Toronto Chess Festival for Women and Girls was a significant accomplishment. Noteworthy details include 54 participants in the tournament, 3 distinguished speakers, 3 hours of lectures, a simul exhibition with over 40 participants, the distribution of 20 prizes, 64 certificates of participation, and the provision of complimentary lunch. The comprehensive planning encompassed program development, broadcasting, host selection, sponsor negotiations, speaker coordination, promotion, and project management. Recognition was received in the form of a FIDE certificate of appreciation.

8. **Speaker Participation:** Active participation as a speaker during the event contributed to its success.

9. **Future Event Agreement:** A preliminary agreement with FIDE WOM for a similar event in 2024 has been secured, demonstrating our continued commitment to women's chess.

10. **Fundraising and Partnerships:** Contributions for the women's chess fund were successfully secured, and partnerships with FIDE for the "Girls in Chess" scientific project and on behalf of CFC were initiated.

11. **Engagement in Discussions:** Active participation in board meetings and various discussions contributed significantly to strategic developments within our chess community.

Oksana Golubeva