Ladies and gentlemen,

As we reach the conclusion of this meeting of the Chess Federation of Canada. I feel safe to say that we have collective commitment to advancing the noble game of chess across our great nation. Each one of you, as voting members, has played a crucial role in shaping the future of chess in Canada, and for that, I extend my deepest gratitude. Throughout the course of this meeting, we have discussed vital matters that impact the growth and development of our beloved sport.

As we move beyond survival mode necessitated by the Covid pandemic and lockdowns we need to move beyond and start thinking with a growth mindset. We need to focus on strategies to nurture the talents of young chess players, promote inclusivity and diversity within our community, and find ways to enhance the overall chess experience for players of all levels. Let us feel invigorated in our pursuit of excellence in chess.

Together, we have made significant strides towards establishing a strong foundation for the Chess Federation of Canada. We have set ambitious goals, and now, armed with unwavering determination and renewed enthusiasm, we are ready to embark on this transformative journey. Now is not the time to pause but to move forward and grow into this, our moment. Let us remember that our actions as individuals contribute to the collective success of our federation. We must remain committed to supporting one another, uplifting our fellow chess enthusiasts, and embracing new members into our thriving community.

As we adjourn this meeting, I urge you to carry the torch of our shared vision forward. Let us implement the strategies we have devised, inspire our fellow Canadians to fall in love with the game of chess, and continue fostering an environment where the next generation of chess players can flourish. May our endeavours be marked by fair play, sportsmanship, and a genuine love for the game that unites us. Together, let us demonstrate that the Chess Federation of Canada is a beacon of excellence, promoting chess as a source of joy, intellectual growth, and camaraderie.

Thank you all for your unwavering dedication and your contributions to this meeting. I look forward to witnessing the remarkable achievements that lie ahead as we work together to elevate chess in Canada to new heights.

May the chessboard be ever in your favour.