CFC officially launches the Recognize Chess as a Sport in Canada Petition Campaign and we need your help to promote it to everyone who supports this initiative. This is an opportunity for Canada to recognize chess as a sport and offer government funding for our training, tournaments, players, coaches and more. Achieving this milestone will give chess the funding it deserves to promote chess to anyone who wants to learn, regardless of their ages.

It will be closed for signatures on April 1st and so in 2 months, we must collect as many signatures as we can.

For all regional coordinators and club organizers, please forward to all players in your contact list. Please post on all social media, like Facebook, website, etc. that you have to spread this initiative as much as possible. For every tournament organizer, please announce this initiative and ask players for their support.

Here is the link to sign the petitions. After you sign the petition, you will receive an email minutes after from House of Commons Petitions to confirm your support.

Recognize Chess as a Sport in Canada Petition Poster.jpg

Thank you very much for helping out.

Again, anyone who believes Chess should be recognized as a sport in Canada can vote.

CFC Youth Coordinator