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    We have great news!!

    Starting January 13, 2023 Hamilton City Chess Club is opening up the first and only chess school that exists in Hamilton for children: Hamilton Chess Academy.
    This academy is organized into two sections (i.e. classes) with two different instructors:
    1 - The beginners section happens on Fridays (starting Jan 13th) from 6:00 - 6:45 PM for children that have little to no knowledge of how to play chess and/or know how to play but have very little understanding of the fundamental tactics and strategies of chess.
    2 - The intermediate section also happens on Fridays (starting Jan 13th) but from 7:00 - 7:45 PM for children that know the fundamentals but still could benefit from an advanced-level instructor to improve their game.

    We have set 3 dates for children to come and play with our instructors/volunteers to determine their proficiency in chess for free and be matched to one of the two sections based on the instructor's judgement. These dates include Fridays December 2nd, 9th and 16th sometime between 6:00 - 8:00 PM as assigned to you by the club.

    ***In order to join the Hamilton Chess Academy, you must join one of these timeslots to determine your proficiency and to do so, you must contact us through email or Facebook so that we can assign you a timeslot that works for you on one of these days.


    Location: The classes are held at our usual location where we meet every Friday: 45 Hempstead Drive - Canadian Japanese Cultural Centre (CJCC)
    * The fees include 30$/year (to join the cultural centre, where we meet) + 100$ per child for 3 months
    * We also offer a family package (for two or more children) which includes 30$ per person/year (for CJCC) + 150$ for 3 months
    We look forward to starting this brand new initiative! Please make sure to email us or message us on Facebook to set up a timeslot to meet for the skill level determination sessions ASAP as we have had many requests already and we are planning to cap each section of the classes (i.e. beginner and intermediate) at 20 children. Please don't hesitate to message us on Facebook with questions or concerns.
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