Hi y'all, so what's Movember all about? How does this somewhat crazy skin-irritating annual tradition keep going?! Well, I think it's because it's uniquely helpful for some critical issues, and it helps a LOT of people! It's about beating prostate cancer (so many men get it), and it's about beating testicular cancer (younger men get it more) - It's also about men's mental health, 3 out of 4 suicides are men.

I'm proud that this is my 8th year with Movember. Last year, friends and family donated over $1500, and this year, my good friend Eric has motivated me to raise our goal to $2000! It's easy, just go to the link at the end of this email. And even if you don't think you'll donate, check out the website. In the end, it's the spreading AWARENESS of these issues, that helps us develop WINNING solutions.

Finally, to make this more interesting, for my third time, I'm doing an ultra-walk-run. On Thursday, November 10th, I'm walking 28.9km, and then running 21.1km (half-marathon), for a total of 50km!!

Here's the link to my page @ Movember:

Thank you, kind regards, Aris Marghetis.

Movember 2022 -- Let's GO!!