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Thread: 2022 AGM September 11-18

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    Default 2022 AGM September 11-18

    CFC AGM Outgoing Meeting Agenda

    1. Agenda
    2. Opening Comments of Chair
    3. voting member Sign-in - sign in by voting for any of the options
    4. Reports (Executive members and Officers please post your reports here)
    A. President
    B. Vice President
    C. Secretary
    D. Past President
    E. FIDE Representative
    F. Youth Coordinator
    G. Masters Representative
    H. Reports from Board Members at Large
    I. Woman’s Coordinator
    J. Rating Auditor
    K. Chess Foundation of Canada
    L. Kalev Pugi Fund
    M. Treasurer
    N. Executive Director: Financial Report

    Part 2 - Entire meeting - Motions and Discussion Items

    5A Discussion Items

    1) Chess after Covid-19
    2) CFC financial situation in 2022 and beyond
    3) New business

    5B Motions
    There are no motions.

    Part III "The Voting Booth" Voting on motions:
    Attention voting members: the voting period is day 4 through day 7

    6.1 Voting on motions
    Only necessary if there are motions.

    Part IV At end of meeting
    7. Closing Comments by Chair

    8. Adjournment

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    CFC AGM Incoming Meeting Agenda

    Chess Federation of Canada - Annual General Meeting - Incoming Voting Members
    (Note to voting members: all votes open at 9pm ET, all votes and nominations close at 6pm ET, the meeting ends at 9 pm ET on Sunday September 18th)

    Part 1 - Agenda and Sign-in
    1. Agenda & Opening Comments of Chair
    2. voting member Sign-in

    Part 2 - Election of voting members from Non-Affiliated Provinces / Territories
    3. Election of voting members from Non-Affiliated Provinces/Territories (nominations close on day 3, if elections are required this will take place on days 4-5)

    Part 3 - Elections of Federation Executive Members, Officers and other positions

    4. Nomination of Candidates for Election (nominations close at 6pm ET - day 3, elections continue through 6pm ET - day 7)


    4.1 President
    4.2 Vice-President
    4.3 Secretary
    4.4 Treasurer
    4.5 Youth Coordinator
    4.6 FIDE Representative
    4.7 Director at Large
    4.8 Director at Large

    4.8 Rating Auditor
    4.9 Women's Chess Coordinator

    5.A Elections of the above positions

    5.B Election of Directors and Officers

    6. Appointment of CFC Committee members: (nominations close at 6pm ET - day 3, elections for contested positions continue through 6pm ET - day 7)

    * 6.1 Chess Foundation of Canada Trustees - Four year term:
    * 6.2 Chess Foundation of Canada Trustees - One year term:
    * 6.3 Kalev Pugi Fund Committee:
    * 6.4 National Appeals Committee:

    7. Election of CFC Committee members (see sections 4.1 - 4.11 - in sections 4.1 - 6.4 all positions where an election is being held is marked with *)

    8.Discussion of agenda items

    Voting on all items excluding voting members, Executive and Officers will begin on day 4 and continue to day 7 (Saturday)
    10. Bids for 2022/2023 Events and beyond

    10E Any other Bids/Business:

    11. Other Business

    12. New Agenda Items for discussion only.

    13. Adjournment & Closing Comments by Chair

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    Hello, if I may suggest, an emailed announcement would also be a good idea.

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    It will be done when I am on Canadian soil with access to my main computers.

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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself before the meeting. My name is Olga and I have been actively involved in promoting chess in the Greater Toronto Area. I started and run the group called Chess in the Park (Toronto). It’s been very successful, with a rapid membership increase and titled players engagement. The group members enjoy playing blitz tournaments in different parks and chess tables around the city (and indoors in the winter). I would like to do more in popularizing chess in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Canada, hence, submitting my application for Vice President position with the Chess Federation of Canada.
    Please check out the video made by GM Aman Hambleton to get the feel of Chess in the Park:

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    I am willing to stand for Vice-President and Director at Large.

    I am willing to continue on the NAC.

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