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Thread: Quebec-A wins Francophonie team event

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    Default Quebec-A wins Francophonie team event

    Quebec-A easily won the Championnat d’échecs en ligne par équipes de la Francophonie 2022 with 41.5 out of 44. Individual results included Maili-Jade Ouellet and Olivier-Kenta Chiku-Ratte - both of whom scored 11 out of 11! Bator Sambuev scored 10.5, and Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux 9.

    France did not participate due to an ongoing dispute between the FFE and the AIDEF.

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    What great news! Thanks Hugh!

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    Quebec won last year as well, but tournament in 2021 was much stronger. If I recall correctly, Quebec was not a favorite by rating that time.

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    The CFC entry consisting of

    Nicholas Vettese
    John Doknjas
    Neil Doknjas
    Veronica Guo

    Finished third. Victoria Doknjas was team manager and architect while I was team captain. My duties consisted of watching our players games for 11 hours.

    The tournament was very well organized and ran unbelievably smoothly. Chairman of the Arbiters Commission Laurent Freyd and AIDEF president Patrick Van Hoolandt deserve great credit for such a well run event. Pierre Denommee did an exemplary job as arbiter in the English speaking zoom room.

    Christina Tao was occupied with the FIDE America hybrid event with the help of Bob Gillanders.

    Its good to know that we are capable of participating in two such events at the same time.

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