The Canadian Chess Player of the Year Award was re-established in 2003 by David Cohen. While David passed away earlier this year, he wanted to see his project continued*and made arrangements with Chess 'n Math to house the permanent plaque with the names of the past winners. Not only that, but CMA agreed to create keeper plaques for future winners, as elected by a Committee (Larry Bevand, Ian Findlay, Hans Jung, Fred McKim and John Upper) hand picked by David.

Previous winners of the Player of the Year Award can presently be found at
<a href=""></a> (David's website), while we are looking for a more permanent online home for the information.

The independent Player of the Year Committee (recognized by both National bodies...the CMA and the CFC and endorsed by David's wife, Lisette Lu ) is preparing to vote for winners for the years of 2013 - 2019 (as David wished), sequentially, over the next several months. One award will finally be presented for the best player of 2020-21 (combined). All of these awards will be presented in person (if possible) during 2022.

Our first step will be to present on ChessTalk, approximately 10 short-listed players for 2013, along with a couple of achievements for each, and give the public a chance to make some comments leading up to our selection of the three finalists, with a fuller list of achievements, and finally the winner.

Acting Committee Chair