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Thread: Francophonie Chess Championship in Casablaca, Morocco

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    Default Francophonie Chess Championship in Casablaca, Morocco

    The 2021 Francophonie Chess Championships will be held in Casablanca, Morocco, from December 25th 2021 (arrival) to January 3rd 2022 (departure). First round December 26th and last round January 2nd.

    FIDE offers direct titles for this tournament. There are already 3 GM and 3 WGM registered and a total of 12 titled players, more then enough to obtain norms by normal means.

    The following titles will be awarded
    • Francophonie Champion
    • Francophonie Women Champion
    • Francophonie Senior Champion
    • Francophonie Veteran Champion
    • Francophonie Blitz Champion

    Official tournament web site .

    It is a Francophone tournament, but the IAs on duty do speak English, and speaking French is not a requirement to enter the tournament. The sole requirement being that your FIDE Country code appears on this list .

    If you need more information, fell free to contact me.

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    The Civil Aviation Minister of Morocco has forbidden all landings in his country until at least December 31st 2021. This has forced the postponement of this tournament to July 1st 2022 (Arrival) to July 10th (Departure) with rounds from July 2nd to July 9th.

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