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On a final note about possible covid regulations, I talked to both of the currently practicing medical doctors in my family today. The advice I got was to simply tell everyone to follow provincial regulations. Some people are frustrated at my stance but it is the only way forward in the current environment.

The provincial governments are responsible for health care in Canada. We should follow their requirements and guidance. The studies that I have seen do not support washing pieces or barriers as being particularly useful in preventing transmission of the Covid virus. When the provincial governments deem it prudent to drop certain requirements, we should follow their lead. We don't have the people to maintain information about the ever changing regulations in every relevant jurisdiction. It is fairly easy to consult canada.ca and then the covid website for your province and your community.
Yes, I appreciate your position. In fact, I've realized since my first post on the matter that the majority of sports organizations that I've read about are provincial. When national, I'm noticing what really is a concurrent set of declarations by each province in the national organization. So, yes, I see where you're coming from.