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Thread: CYCC Online Jul 3rd

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    Default CYCC Online Jul 3rd

    This thread is to capture the latest details about the CYCC Online tournament: Saturday, July 3rd, at Lichess.

    2021 CYCC Online , Jul 3rd, 2021
    2021 CYCC Online is the qualifier to the selection stage of FIDE Online World Cadets & Youth Rapid World Cup (Aug 1- 20, 2021). Players who finished in top 3 after tie break are invited to FIDE Online World Cup.

    Proceeds from this CYCC online will all go to CFC Youth Fund
    Besides the running cost of the tournament, all proceeds will go to the CFC Youth Fund to plan for 2022 Youth training and international tournaments expense.

    CYCC Online poster: Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CYCC Online by Aris as of June 7th-1.jpg 
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ID:	497Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CYCC Online by Aris as of June 7th-2.jpg 
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    Chief Organizer: Christina Tao, CFC Youth Coordinator
    (519) 562-2492

    Chief Arbiter
    IA/IO Aris Marghetis

    Registration Fees
    Early Bird fee: $100, register and paid before Jun 21st, 2021
    Regular fee: $150

    Registration thru Chess Stream platform
    Player will need CFC ID, lichess ID and valid CFC membership (see eligibility) to register
    Registration link : click here.
    After registration, you will receive a confirmation email from Chacha Chess Stream.
    Follow "How to pay your registration" for payment instruction.

    Payment Method:
    - For Paypal or bank etransfers :
    Please direct payment to

    - For Visa or Mastercard method:
    Please send card number & expiry date to or phone CFC office at 289-337-0561.

    Note: include player name, CFC#, section, ChessStream Registration Number

    Tournament platform:
    Played on lichess platform. Lichess ID is required for registration
    If you don’t have a lichess account, you can setup one on lichess website :

    Time Control:
    15 mins + 10 Sec

    CFC active rated and Lichess rated
    Qualified for Covid-19 Rating Incentive

    If BYE is required, it is only zero-point bye.

    • Technical Meeting Jul 2nd, 19:00 Eastern time
    • Round 1 : Jul 3rd, 12:00 Eastern time
    • Round 2 : Jul 3rd, 13:00 Eastern time
    • Round 3 : Jul 3rd, 14:00 Eastern time
    • Round 4 : Jul 3rd, 15:00 Eastern time
    • Break
    • Round 5 : Jul 3rd, 17:00 Eastern time
    • Round 6 : Jul 3rd, 18:00 Eastern time
    • Round 7 : Jul 3rd, 19:00 Eastern time

    • U10 Open / U10 Girls (born 2011/ and later)
    • U12 Open / U12 Girls (born 2009/2010)
    • U14 Open / U14 Girls (born 2007/2008)
    • U16 Open / U16 Girls (born 2005/2006)
    • U18 Open / U18 Girls (born 2003/2004)
    • *Sections may be combined if less than 8 Players. Players are not allowed to play up.

    Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada.
    - Proof of Canadian Citizenship or Canadian Residency.

    Hold valid CFC Annual Membership or valid FQE Membership.
    - BEFORE registering, call CFC at 1-289-337-0561 to buy CFC Annual Membership.
    - FQE members who do not have a CFC ID, will ask the CFC Office for a free CFC-ID. Such a CFC-ID will be free only if the FQE member has a non-expired FQE membership.

    As of January 1, 2021, under the age of 18 years old.
    - Proof of age.

    Fair Play Panel
    In-tournament Fair Play Panel led by FIDE Instructor Vlad Drkulec.
    Post-tournament analysis to be offered from Dr. Ken Regan

    Final Results:
    Final results will be confirmed after Fair Play Analysis.

    Finishing places subject to ordering via tiebreaks:

    1st place: the Champion of each of the 10 sections will be invited into
    the JtM (Juniors to Masters) Chess Academy training program
    (these prizes will be awarded only if we have over 100 participants)

    1st-3rd places: invitation to the FIDE Online Cadets & Youth World Cup
    (these players’ FIDE Federation flags must be Canada)

    4th-5th places: invitation to Canada-Romania or Canada-USA match

    Medals: for the top 3 in each section
    Certificates: for the top 5 in each section

    Appeals Procedure
    The Appeals Committee is IA/IO Hal Bond (Chair), IA Pierre Denommee, Fred McKim

    Appeals must be submitted in writing to the CFC Office (Bob Gillanders) within 1 hour after the end of the last game, accompanied by a deposit of $100 (one hundred Canadian dollars). This deposit fee will be refunded if the Appeals Complaint is upheld, or if the Appeals Committee judges that the Appeals Complaint was nevertheless a reasonable one. In the case of a fair play appeal, the appeal must be submitted in one hour after the fair play ruling.

    No appeals are accepted against pairings generated by Chess Stream pairing software.

    Video Monitoring
    Players not following video monitoring regulations cannot win any prizes nor advance to the FIDE Online Cadets & Youth World Cup.
    Players are expected to remain on screen continuously throughout their game. Bathroom breaks are to be taken between games.
    Update your Zoom before the day of the tournament: Update Link

    The tiebreaks:

    1) Buchholz Modified Median
    2) Solkoff (Median-Buchholz Cut 0)
    3) Cumulative
    4) Cumulative Opponent's Score
    5) drawing of lots

    CFC Youth Coordinator
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    Over an hour ago (22:00 Eastern), we have 170 players.

    Please go to the ChessStream ENTRIES page, and check out the last column, which is entitled "Payment":
    if Payment = Completed, then you are good to go, you will be paired!!

    NO ONE DESCRIBED IN THE NEXT 2 LINES WILL BE PAIRED (automated within the ChessStream software system):
    if Payment = Payment Info, then click on that link, which will return you to your custom payment info page, due now
    if Payment = EXPIRED or EXPIRING, then you need to renew your CFC membership with the CFC Office, due by now

    NOTE: Quebec players should soon be receiving a temporary CFC membership extension past July 1st
    that "trick" is necessary because ChessStream feeds off of the CFC database, not off the FQE database

    please note that only registrants who also PAY by June 21st are eligible for the early-bird discount.

    EXPIRED or EXPIRING membership
    You can check your membership fee here, Tax is included in the membership fee.

    Payment Method:
    - For Paypal or bank etransfers :
    The recipient name should be "Chess Federation of Canada"
    Please direct payment to

    - For Visa or Mastercard method:
    Please send card number & expiry date to or phone CFC office at 289-337-0561.

    Note: include player name, CFC#, section, ChessStream Registration Number, membership renewed (If you include your CFC membership renewal fee)

    CFC Youth Coordinator
    Chief Organizer of 2021 CYCC Online

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    Good morning everyone.

    I went to our list of upcoming events, and the link for CYCC Online was gone.
    I have been going there via upcoming about a billion times in the last 2 weeks,
    so if you want to check the results here is the link.

    The tournament was a great success, much credit goes to chief organizer Christina Tao and Chief Arbiter Aris Marghetis. It was impossible to keep up with these 2 dynamos. I fortunately got to sit back and watch the magic yesterday as everything ran on schedule. Amazing. Great work everyone. It was my honour being part of the team.

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    This was the first time I had come across the platform and except for a few minor quibbles I was most impressed. There is some information at the website called (North Carolina based organization), but is the CFC planning to use the site again in future events? Any other comments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen Wright View Post
    This was the first time I had come across the platform and except for a few minor quibbles I was most impressed. There is some information at the website called (North Carolina based organization), but is the CFC planning to use the site again in future events? Any other comments?
    This is the first time I used this Chess Stream platform and is very impressive to me too. It is a platform built on top of Lichess. On the registration page, it will verify the Lichess account which is extremely important to have a correct handler.

    During the tournament, it takes care of all the operation works such as starting 180 boards on time, manually start the game when a player is late or absent, rebuild the board when there is internet interruption, handle all unforeseen situations, and doing onsite Fair Play checking with us as well. It is a very pleasant experience to work with them. It takes a lot of stress off from us and we can focus on handling other issues.

    I will definitely recommend everyone to look into this platform, the downside is it only works on top of the Lichess platform.

    If I am going to run another major tournament, I will definitely use it again.

    CFC Youth Coordinator

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    Officially declare Team CANADA for the FIDE Online World Cup.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image (4).png 
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    Official Team Canada Player List

    1 Open U-10 Mutyalapati, Modith
    2 Open U-10 Mendes, Aaron Reeve Mendes
    3 Open U-10 Liu, Zachary Hankun

    4 Open U-12 Han, Johnathan
    5 Open U-12 Lin, Leo
    6 Open U-12 Shi, Michael

    7 Open U-14 Xu, Daniel
    8 Open U-14 Batorshyn, Ilia
    9 Open U-14 Kot, Emanuel

    10 Open U-16 Issani, Nameer
    11 Open U-16 Doknjas, Neil
    12 Open U-16 Tanaka, Taira Tyler

    13 Open U-18 Rodrigue-Lemieux, Shawn
    14 Open U-18 Talukdar, Rohan
    15 Open U-18 Hemstapat, Andrew

    16 Girl U-10 Chen, Rae
    17 Girl U-10 Liu, Kailey
    18 Girl U-10 Guan, Marie Zijun

    19 Girl U-12 Jiang, Hanxi
    20 Girl U-12 Purevjamts, Anu
    21 Girl U-12 Jin, Helena

    22 Girl U-14 Chen, Rachel Ruoxuan
    23 Girl U-14 Guo, Yu Han
    24 Girl U-14 Tao, Kaitlyn

    25 Girl U-16 Stevenson, Larissa
    26 Girl U-16 Tsukerman, Julia
    27 Girl U-16 Guo, Haze

    28 Girl U-18 Wang, Isabelle
    29 Girl U-18 Tan, Kylie
    30 Girl U-18 Schneider, Michaela

    CFC Youth Coordinator
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    Blog Entries


    From: Weihong Ma
    Sent: July 5, 2021 6:58 PM
    To: Vladimir Drkulec
    Cc: Christina Tao
    Subject: Congratulations for the successful running of 2021 CYCC

    Dear CFC president Mr. Drkulec,

    The past Saturday was absolutely fantastic for my boy. He played the 2021 CYCC and enjoyed the tournament totally. We can hardly imagine how Christina and her team could put everything together in less than one month. It is almost impossible without her dedication and enthusiasm for chess. How many hours and sleepless nights she and her team spent on working on this huge event. It is truly admirable. The event brought back the passion for chess to my son's heart. Looking forward to more tournaments coming up, especially the over-the-board ones. Just can't wait for them.

    Once again thanks for this incredible opportunity for Canadian youth to play, compete and have fun!

    Looking forward to the future,
    A chess parent
    ************************************************** **************************

    On Mon, 5 Jul 2021 at 19:09, Vladimir Drkulec wrote:

    Thank you,

    I just helped a little. It was all Christina Tao's doing.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Vlad Drkulec
    President, Chess Federation of Canada

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    Team Canada with 50 players officially registered into FIDE Online Cadets and Youths World Cup.
    FIDE Online World Cup :
    FIDE Online World Cup regulation:

    After the original registration of 30 players, Canada is given extra 20 wild cards in the last few hours before the registration is fully closed.

    I am able to invite players who tied for 2nd place, tied for 3rd place, 4th place and tied for 4th place from CYCC Online to join into this incredible Team Canada journey. Now the team just increases from 30 to 50 players.

    This is the largest delegate that I have in recent years either in over the board or online tournaments. Canada is the 5th largest delegate after Inda, USA, Russia, and Georgia with a total of 1463 players from 82 countries registered into this event. This will be a huge event and a great experience for many players.

    Team Captain: Christina Tao
    Assistant Captain: Victoria Doknjas
    Communication Assistance: James Tan
    Team Canada : Team with 50 players

    Team composition (all 50 players) are on

    Congratulation to all players who advance into FIDE Online World Cup tournament

    U10 Girls
    Rae Chen
    Kailey Liu
    Marie Zijun Guan
    Ashley Qian
    Caitlin Wang

    U10 Open

    Modith Aaroh Mutyalapati
    Aaron Reeve Mendes
    Zachary Hankun Liu
    Jifan Zhao

    U12 Girls
    Hanxi Jiang
    Anu Purevjamts
    Helena Jin
    Alexa Roque
    Ana´s ChloÚ Fiset

    U12 Open
    Johnathan Han
    Leo Lin
    Michael Shi
    Azher Hossain
    Henry Yao

    U14 Girls
    Rachel Ruoxuan Chen
    Yu Han Guo
    Kaitlyn Tao

    U14 Open
    Anthony Atanasov
    Daniel Xu
    Ilia Batorshyn
    Emanuel Kot
    Rafael Adam
    Vincent Latorre
    Max Chen
    Aayush Ajith
    Eric Ning
    Hemant Srinivasan
    Noah Nathaniel Yuen
    Shreyas Prasanna

    U16 Girls
    Larissa Stevenson
    Julia Tsukerman
    Hazel Guo

    U16 Open
    Nameer Issani
    Neil Doknjas
    Tanaka, Taira Tyler
    Richard Zheng
    Anirud Chakkoli
    Jinghui Bai

    U18 Girls
    Svitlana Demchenko
    Isabelle Wang
    Kylie Tan
    Michaela Schneider

    U18 Open
    Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux
    Andrew Hemstapat
    Arhant Washimkar

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	congratulations-icon-31116.jpg 
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Size:	71.5 KB 
ID:	500

    Cheer Team Canada
    Christina Tao
    FIDE Online World Cup Team Captain
    CFC Youth Coordinator
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    FIDE Online Cadets and Youth World Cup is happening right now.*

    FIDE Online Cadets and Youth World Cup website : Here
    Schedule: Here

    I am in the Player Zoom room with FIDE arbiters. I am very proud on Canadian Players and they are all very well behaved. Canadian Players

    You can watch live games on or directly on tornelo website
    U14 Girls section : Watch here
    U14 Open section : Watch here

    Tornelo website:
    World Youth Cup 2021 O10-G18 - This group already finished.* We had two O10 players who finished*top 10 and are advanced into the Final Stage

    World Youth Cup 2021 O12-G16 - This group already finished.* No player advanced into Final Stage

    World Youth Cup 2021 O14-G14 - This group just finished 4 rounds, tomorrow starts round 5.

    World Youth Cup 2021 O16-G12 - This group will start on Aug 16

    World Youth Cup 2021 O18-G10 - This group will start on Aug 16

    CFC Youth Coordinator

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