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    Default Zoom with Bob

    Hello everyone.
    Okay, everyone ready for some OTB chess!
    It is coming soon, really!!

    Some members have tried online, but most have not. During the pandemic, there has been some major changes at the CFC.
    A new website and a new Go membership management system.

    So it maybe something of a shock for those who haven't done anything CFC for more than a year.
    I am concerned about a wave of questions when everyone tries to renew all at once.

    We have been able to ease into the new Go membership system due to the pandemic, but more members have experienced trouble renewing and some glitches to the system have been identified. Who would have guessed eh, some new software issues!!!

    To help everyone get acquainted with the new membership system, I would like to invite whomever to a zoom meeting where we can discuss any problems you are having. I have been dealing with everyone on a one by one basis, but this should be more efficient.

    Post here or email the CFC if you are interested in attending, or just show up.
    I will post the invitation here before the meeting.

    Meeting tentatively set for 8pm EST Monday June 7.

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    I have been advised that putting the zoom invitation on a public forum may not be such a wise idea.

    So, I won't be posting the invitation here.
    But you certainly are welcome. For an invitation, simply email the CFC.
    From the CFC website, select CFC, then click on "contact the CFC"

    Meeting will be at 8pm EST, Monday June 7.
    If this time doesn't work for you, email me anyway.
    I will send you invite for the next session.

    Your message should include, "please invite me to zoom meeting", but if you have a particular problem, please include a description so we can address it at the meeting.
    I will be demonstrating how to join the CFC as a new player, or renewing your membership.
    I will address many of the common problems encountered.

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    any video-on-demand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Egidijus Zeromskis View Post
    any video-on-demand?

    not ready for primetime.

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