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Thread: FIDE Arbiters' Online Seminar

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    Default FIDE Arbiters' Online Seminar

    The Chess Federation of Canada and
    The South Western Ontario Chess League Presents:

    The 100th FIDE Arbiters’ Online Seminar, on Zoom
    June 5-6, June 12-13 2021, 10am-6pm daily
    June 5: Role of Arbiters, Laws of Chess 10am - 6pm
    June 6: Ratings and OTB Title Regulations, Swiss Pairings 10am – 6pm
    June 12: Swiss Pairings, System of Games, Competition Rules, Equipment Standards,
    Tie-breaks 10am – 6pm
    June 13: Arbiter Title Regs, Fair Play 10am-2pm, Exam 2pm-6pm
    FIDE Arbiter Seminar Norms will be awarded to those who score 80% or higher on the Exam. All participants must be Licensed National Arbiters

    IA, FL Hal Bond, IA, FL Aris Marghetis
    Organizing Committee:

    FL Hal Bond, FL Aris Marghetis, FL Shohreh Bayat, IA Michael von Keitz

    FIDE Observer:

    IA, FL Shohreh Bayat

    Seminar and Exam Fee: $250 CDN

    Registration: e-transfer only: $250 to

    Further information contact

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    Our FA seminar is now less than two weeks away. If you are interested in attending but are not a FIDE licensed National Arbiter, there is still time to obtain this designation. Your Provincial Association can nominate you and the CFC will then apply to FIDE for the license. The cost is only 20 Euros.

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    Default Seminar Cancelled

    The Arbiter Seminar has been cancelled. Hopefully interest will return as we draw closer to over the board play.

    My hope is to run another one in the autumn season this year.

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