The Chess Federation of Canada and
The South Western Ontario Chess League Presents:

The 100th FIDE Arbiters’ Online Seminar, on Zoom
June 5-6, June 12-13 2021, 10am-6pm daily
June 5: Role of Arbiters, Laws of Chess 10am - 6pm
June 6: Ratings and OTB Title Regulations, Swiss Pairings 10am – 6pm
June 12: Swiss Pairings, System of Games, Competition Rules, Equipment Standards,
Tie-breaks 10am – 6pm
June 13: Arbiter Title Regs, Fair Play 10am-2pm, Exam 2pm-6pm
FIDE Arbiter Seminar Norms will be awarded to those who score 80% or higher on the Exam. All participants must be Licensed National Arbiters

IA, FL Hal Bond, IA, FL Aris Marghetis
Organizing Committee:

FL Hal Bond, FL Aris Marghetis, FL Shohreh Bayat, IA Michael von Keitz

FIDE Observer:

IA, FL Shohreh Bayat

Seminar and Exam Fee: $250 CDN

Registration: e-transfer only: $250 to

Further information contact