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Thread: Hamissauga CFC online 7

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    Default Hamissauga CFC online 7

    Hamissauga CFC Online #7 Hamissauga Chess Club

    Sunday, November 1

    5 Round Swiss - 1 section
    Time Control: 15 minutes plus 10 second increment
    Round 1 starts - 2pm, subsequent rounds will start as soon as all games finished.
    Tournament should wrap up approx. 6pm

    Entry Fees.
    Entry Fees: $5 if pre-registered by Friday, October 30, 10pm
    Late Entry (no pre-registration): $5 extra

    Cash prizes for top 3 plus class prize(s)
    All entry fees less expenses will be returned as prizes.

    Registration: Register via e-transfer to
    Send me an email with your LiChess handle, your real name, and CFC number.
    Tournament Day Check-In: at least 15 minutes before start time

    CFC membership
    All players must be (or become) a member of the CFC or pay a CFC single tournament fee.
    These can be included with your entry fee payment.
    Note: If your CFC membership has expiry date of March 1, 2020 or later, you are not required
    to renew at this time. CFC will be extending those memberships due to the COVID shutdown.

    Hamissauga Chess Club (inside LiChess)
    Tournament is restricted to club members. Membership is free but please join the club
    before the day of the tournament.

    You risk a fair-play violation by having any chess relate software open on your computer.
    Prizes will be held for 24 hours in case of a claim of cheating.

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    Hi Folks. I will update with a registered player list this evening.

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    Registered players for Sunday, Nov 1.

    172728 Paul Roberts 2152 Vladimir_Ulyanov
    166274 Eddie Xu 2133 retardedplatypus123
    108832 Gordon Gooding 1996 fearless1
    155525 Andrew Colvin 1940 colvin90
    171283 Ruibin Li 1719 bkdirb
    160188 Henry Hughes 1702 tnrhna
    169696 Pavel Kudriavtcev 1682 frewcfg
    108202 Robert Gillanders 1628 BobbyG2050
    172572 Sam Sharifi 1514 sam-sharifi
    167984 Craig Carson 1454 Momario99
    166644 Rae Chen 1445 blueseabluesky123
    164698 Rohan Wessels 1371 speedruntogm
    166538 Nadir Guliyev 1343 nadirchess
    166066 Heye Gao 1330 Carlnosen
    172252 Aaryan Valavan 1150 Gilbert_Tha_Fish
    170601 Pavan Suresh 920 Pavan6646
    170254 Yeeshuen Li 882 basetenblocks
    166003 Nobuko Takeuchi 874 nobunobu
    169382 William Bi 860 BillBi
    172820 Anthony Brinias unr abrinias
    172784 Andrew Cheng unr andrew1016
    172785 Matthew Cheng unr matthew1016
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    Our seventh CFC rated event on Nov. 1 had 24 players.
    Everything ran smoothly, with no fair play violations.
    Thank you everyone.

    Congratulations to our winners who were:
    1st - Ruibin Li (bkdlrb) 4.5/5 - $ 30
    2nd/3rd - 2 way tie 4/5 - $ 15 each
    Eddie Xu (retardedplatypus123)
    Paul Roberts (Vladimir_Ulyanov)

    Two awards for greatest preformance rating over CFC Quick rating
    Anthony Brinias (abrinias) - $10
    Pavan Suresh (Pavan6646) - $10

    If the winners could reply please if they would like an e-transfer or a credit against future entry fees.

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