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Thread: 5A1. Chess in a COVID-19 Environment

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    Christina Tao shared a link from which concerned me and reassured me.

    We believe there are two key points to take away from these numbers:

    1. Cheating is very common on a day-to-day basis.
    2. is taking action against it! regularly receives complaints about members who have an excellent accuracy score in a game. We are thrilled to see our members using game reports, but the accuracy scores that are provided are not a part of our cheat detection, and they shouldn't be considered immediately damning evidence of cheating. Even beginning players can achieve very high accuracy scores if their opponent errs early, and they capitalize on the clear mistakes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Lo View Post
    I look at it this way. In the current situation, we cannot eliminate the risk of someone gets infected no matter how small that risk is, and in reality the risk is not that small. The worst result of that risk could be:
    - someone (may be more than one) lost his/her life, be it a player, an arbiter, a volunteer, an organizer, a parent, etc.
    - the organizer gets sue and goes bankrupt.

    I personally would not do it.
    In Quebec, to sue successfully, you would need to prove a fault by the organizer, for example: there was no soap for washing your hand, one or more players did non wear face mask ... Everybody knows the risk and by registering for a chess tournament, you accept all usual risks. Morally, I agree, I would not like to see anyone die because of a tournament that I have organized, even if I am completely not guilty.

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