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Thread: 4. Executive and Officer report

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    Quote Originally Posted by Egidijus Zeromskis View Post
    The key word is "paying"...
    Yes, there should have been an explanation on that. You should be able to multiply by .833 to get a more accurate figure of memberships actually purchased during the fiscal year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Egidijus Zeromskis View Post
    In the section 5 Membership revenue, there numbers of annual paying members. All higher than 2019 however the revenue is lower. How is that?
    Because of the 2 free months (March & April) we extended to members because of COVID19, it distorts some of the usual comparisons.
    But careful analysis of note 5 - Membership revenue has all the answers.
    The first line - annual memberships $45,408 is the actual collection of membership dues during the year.
    Because of the shutdown, very very few members paid dues in March & April. So this is effectively only 10 months of normal dues paid.

    Deferred Revenue is a calculation of the portion of memberships that are not expired yet.
    So if your membership expiry date is June 1, you have 1 month if membership left in a normal year.
    This year however, due to the extension, you have 3 months left in your membership left.

    March & April are usually a little higher than average for memberships renewed, so if you add 10k, 45k+10k=55K without the shutdown.
    All the numbers begin to compare better with last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vadim Tsypin View Post
    As an important milestone, we have started the Call for Offers procedure for the first, relatively small and dependency-free, module this month. Things are going according to the schedule; we're going to publish the Response to queries document tomorrow, August 19; the deadline to submit offers is August 24. The offer framework outlined in the current procedure document shall stay essentially the same for other modules; only Request for Proposals and Technical Data Sheet documents will be changing.
    FIDE responds to queries regarding the Chess ID Game Viewer.

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