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Thread: 7. Closing Comments from Chair

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    Default 7. Closing Comments from Chair

    I would like to thank everyone for their participation in this meeting and also for their work as voting members of the Chess Federation of Canada. Most of you will be returning as incoming voting members, while a few of you will not. Whether you are returning or not, I would like to thank you for your service as a voting member. I look forward to seeing you at tournaments in the coming months and year. The CFC is headed on a good course. Things are getting better. If we continue to behave prudently, we should see continued growth in membership numbers and activity and improved financial results. Thank you for your part in making that possible. Our next meeting of the voting members is tentatively scheduled for November 17th to November 24th, 2019. Thank you, again. The meeting continues until 10 pm and I will monitor it and answer any questions. I will leave the Executive and Officer reports section open for the missing reports. Most of the threads and the meeting will be closed at 10 pm.

    The meeting is adjourned.
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