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Thread: 4. Executive / Officer Reports

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lloyd Lombard View Post
    I've been a voting member for some time now and don't recall seeing a quarterly financial report filed for our meetings. I'd like to see a quarterly financial report filed for our meetings.
    The specific role of the treasurer is to provide guidance on setting the budget and providing opinions on possible expenditures that occur during the year that are not part of the budget.

    Bob has his fingers on the software that produces the statements. We were hoping to have something available for the meeting, but the Paypal crisis intervened. As usual we'll have the full financial statements at the AGM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aris Marghetis View Post
    In my humble opinion, I would say no. It seems to me there's a vast difference between UNR and whatever any experienced player has "slipped" to. I don't know what better idea to provide, as you do have a point, it's very uncomfortable for such players to return, just to get wiped out their first few tournaments back until their rating re-stabilizes somewhere lower than before. Maybe Paul could consider some king of "inactivity" formula, but my first instinct is to vote against that, as many people with an inactive CFC rating are still at the same (or even better) playing level, as they might have stayed active but online. But still a good question.
    The other situation, which was more what I had in mind, is when a player has a low rating they had as a child when they may have played a few tournaments, and perhaps they've become significantly stronger in the meantime though study or online play etc. so they're now somewhat loath to resume over-the-board play with the rating they had as a child, which may seem quite irrelevant.
    In some of these cases, the under-1400 and 5+ years of inactivity would cover it - I'm happy to learn of this rule. Thanks to all who responded.
    Marcus Wilker
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    Default 4F Youth Coordinator report

    4F Youth Coordinator Report:

    Summary of Youth Event

    PanAm Team:

    Anabelle Atanasov will be the HoD of PanAm Team.
    So far, there are confirmed 19 players registered into PanAm team

    Communications between Ecuadorian Chess Federation has been established.
    Anabelle already sent out registration form and try to setup the team. There is a early bird hotel discount before May 22, so Anabelle is trying very hard to get things go as fast as she can
    Here is the PanAm registration process link

    WCCC Team
    I will lead the WCCC team to China
    The communication between us and Chinese organizer has been established.
    The registration deadline has been extended to Jul 25, which is after CYCC.
    I also start working on the registration. There are few players already apply for approval as they can't participate in CYCC and want to go to WCCC. I will send another email for approval of these players
    Here is the WCCC registration process link.

    WYCC Team.
    Vivek Srinvas will be the HoD of WYCC team.
    Vivek has India background and he is very fluent in Indian language which is a bonus to the team as well.
    I had posted the WYCC registration process link at chess forum.

    OYCC presentation
    I am going to do my first youth coordinator powerpoint presentation during OYCC time in Kitchener to educate youth chess families about the CFC structure, how to apply for the official players to WCCC/WYCC/PanAm/NAYCC, PanAm Junior U20/NAYCC Junior U20, U16 Chess Olympiad, the importance of different deadline date, the official players selection process and how to read each international tournament invitation file properly.


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    Thank you, Christina, for your work and for informative report!
    Michael Barron

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