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Thread: 6A - "The Voting Booth" CYCC Regulations

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    Default 6A - "The Voting Booth" CYCC Regulations

    6A. I have been directed by the President to put the following motion to a vote (please note that this direction was sent after the normal time for start of vote)

    The Saskatchewan Chess Federation would like to submit a motion for the 2018 Spring Online Meeting:

    1) Starting in 2019, every junior player from a province that hosts the CYCC is eligible to play in the CYCC provided he or she took part in a local CYCC qualification tournament for which the organizer had remitted the fees to the CFC (i.e., any child who played, regardless of the result achieved, will have the right to go to the CYCC).

    2) Starting in 2019, if junior player from any province couldn't take part in any local CYCC qualification tournament, he or she becomes eligible by remitting a fee that is split between the CFC and the provincial chess federation.

    3) The exact amount of the fee and the split details are to be reviewed periodically. For 2019-2022, the fee is set at $40, with 75% going to the CFC and 25% to the provincial federation.

    4) The above stipulations are optional; it is up to the local organizers to choose if they shall apply.

    Voting Options are Yes No and Abstain and the voting deadline is 1800 (6pm) ET Saturday June 2nd

    Continued discussion on the motion is welcome in thread 5E but not here. (Please note I have moved two messages to the discussion thread)
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