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    Default 2. Opening Comments of the Chair

    Fellow VMs - here's our President Vladimir Drkulec

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    I would like to welcome you to this spring meeting of the Chess Federation of Canada voting members. We have a number of items up for discussion ranging from the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance Expo which Fred McKim and I (Vlad Drkulec) attended in Halifax in early March to a possible impeachment of the president of the CFC (again me, Vlad Drkulec) for being unkind to Neil Frarey on Chesstalk. I'll have more to say on that topic later. The CSTA meetings were significant in that we met with representatives of 25 communities interested in hosting chess tournaments and we also met with individuals from other communities as well which have likely already resulted in two tournaments and an upcoming bid for the Canadian Open and CYCC from a group in Mississauga. We were the only sports group that had two tables at the speed dating event which matched communities and events rights holders. There is also a discussion item which proposes that we raise membership fees for junior players to match those of adults.

    Our membership numbers grew by seven percent this year. I have not seen this year's numbers yet but I expect that we should have a healthy surplus again this year. We may have an issue with a missed payment to FIDE America for the North American Youth Chess Championship from 2010 (!!!) which may slightly negatively impact our financials this year or next.

    The Saskatchewan Chess Federation have made some proposals for relaxing some of the rules about YCC's for the 2019 CYCC. Recall that the Saskatchewan Federation rejoined the CFC this past year and have been quite ambitious with their bid for the 2019 CYCC and Canadian Open to be held in Regina. They are rebuilding their chess program from the ground up. Currently there are only 4 juniors in Saskatchewan who are members of the CFC. They are going to need some help here.

    We have had some discussions with Go Membership with regard to their membership, website and payment apps for sporting federations and sports clubs. I was given a demo of their offerings and then later we had Bob Gillanders, Fred McKim and myself sit in on another similar session. This has the potential to streamline and simplify our membership renewals to a large extent while offering us some flexibility with regard to the manner most membership renewals are handled currently. It also has the potential to be expanded to clubs and tournaments as they offer a payment system which would allow provinces, clubs and tournament organizers to process payments for events using credit cards.

    There may be possible clouds on the horizon but overall things seem to be going quite well for the Chess Federation of Canada and for chess in Canada with the promise of even better things in our future.
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