I would like to thank everyone who participated in this meeting. I would like to welcome Undriadi Benggawan as the new youth coordinator and would like to thank Gary Hua who served in that role for the past year. Undriadi has already started to make his presence felt on this very important portfolio which is so essential to the future of the CFC.

I am pleased to see that the board of directors are all returning for another year with the exception of Gary.

I am also pleased to welcome Saskatchewan in their return to the CFC. The vote was unanimous among the voting members that voted. We will be making arrangements to return the money that was held in trust for Saskatchewan upon their return to the CFC.

Lets make more use of the CFC forums this year to communicate with members and the world at large. Voting members can bring matters to the attention of the directors in the voting members forum and can bring items of interest to regular non-voting members to the public forums. Lets make more use of this great resource.

I think that tentatively we will schedule our next meeting for mid to late November. The meeting after that should be in mid to late February. The following meeting should be in mid to late May with the AGM in mid to late August. They have changed the notification rules to allow up to 60 days notice of a meeting so we will probably notify you of the meeting some eight weeks ahead of the date with final notification with final agenda due three weeks before the start of the meeting at the latest.

I will continue to monitor the meeting until 10 pm at which time the meeting will be closed and adjourned.