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Thread: 4H. Women's Coordinator's Report

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    Default 4H. Women's Coordinator's Report

    A holding place for Pierre D's Report.

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    This has been a non-zonal year and according to our old Handbook, there is no such thing as a non-zonal Canadian Women Championship. Furthermore, because the last Women's Closed did not attract enough players to play 9 rounds, bidders have shown no interest in organizing a non-zonal in fear of getting even less participants.

    I do believe that we should strive for a Canadian Women Championship every year for the following reasons. We are wasting the norms opportunities that FIDE grant to National Championships. We could achieve norms without any foreign players if at least 3 WIM are playing and the rating average is high enough. Because of the cost involved in getting foreign players to Canada, this is a significant advantage that FIDE allows us to use but that we are simply discarding.

    In order to benefit the most from the norms opportunities, this non-zonal Canadian Women Championship should be a round robin tournament in which are invited all active titled women (WIM, WIM, IM and FM) and some norm seekers. That would work for now, but as the number of titled Women increase, the tournament format would have to evolve. So the Women's Coordinator should have some discretion with the rules in both Zonal and non-zonal years.

    There would be another controversial change in non-zonal years, we could not invite all provincial champions. FIDE has set limits on the maximum number of opponents without a FIDE rating in order for a norm to be valid. For example, in a 10 players round robin, at most 2 players can be unrated. Furthermore, at least 5 must hold a player tile other then CM or WCM. Because WIM, WFM and FIDE rated women are not uniformly distributed across Canada, allowing one player per province would destroy the norms opportunities for everybody. Because the winner in non-zonal year will not represent Canada in any prestigious FIDE competition, I have no problem with this change.

    A 9 rounds Swiss would require more participants that what could be reasonably expected and, as usual, would have a very small probability of producing even one norm.

    I do not believe that my position give me the Authority to implement all those changes without discussing them at an AGM. The next non-zonal year is 2019, so we have plenty of time to discuss it. Technically, 2017 is not over yet, but because some strong players are still students, the only available time for 2017 would be December 26th to December 31st when all schools, colleges and universities are closed.

    I should know by tomorrow if we have a bid for the 2017 Women Zonal.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Pierre Dénommée,
    CFC Women's coordinator

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    Default Bid for Women Closed Chess Championship 2017-18

    The FQE will present a bid for the Women Closed which is a zonal in 2018.

    Site : Montreal (Centre communautaire St-Henri)
    Dates of the tournament : December 26-30, 2017
    System : Round robin (10 players)
    Invitations : Following the CFC Handbook with some modifications

    Details are coming tomorrow, august 23, 2017.

    Richard Bérubé
    with collaboration from Mr Pierre Dénommée.

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