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Thread: 7. Closing comments of chairperson

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    Default 7. Closing comments of chairperson

    I would like to thank the voting members for their participation in this quarterly meeting. We passed several new measures dealing with qualification for the Olympiad team. We also passed a measure allowing people to register additional tournaments in advance for CFC rating.

    During our meeting Magnus Carlsen won the world championship in the rapid games tie break after the slow games ended in a tied match. Congratulations to both Magnus Carlsen and the challenger Sergey Karajakin who pushed our world champion to the limit.

    Due to issues with our website taking up a large portion of Bob Gillanders time we were not able to release financials at this time. We will release them in the voting members forum as soon as they become available.

    Our next meeting will tentatively be scheduled Sunday February 12 through Sunday February 19, 2017.
    The meeting is now closed.
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