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Thread: 5A1 - DISCUSSION ITEMS - Robert Hamilton lawsuit

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    Here's a statement from the President

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    Robert Hamilton has filed a lawsuit in Ontario Small Claims court over a game which he dictated over the phone to John Upper and which was published on the CFC website newsfeed.

    "On September 5, 2016 the Defendant Reproduced on its wesite (www.chess.CA) a work of chess co-created by the Plaintiff (a copy of which is Attached to this Claim). The Plaintiff claims he has a copyrightAble interest in the work. The Plaintiff also claims that the Defendant infringed the Plaintiff;s rights by failing to pay AN Appropriate royalty and failing to NoTe the Plaintiff had A copyright iNterest iN the work. The PlaiNtiff had a copyright iNterest iN the work. The PlaiNTiff claims relief from the DefendAnT, FiNANcial damages of $250.00, ANd A formal PriNTed APology AckNowledgiNg their iNfrinNgement of the PlaiNTiff;s CopyrightAble work." The capitalization errors are in the hand written form 7A that the plaintiff submitted to the Burlington small claims court.

    We have not been served the required papers though a copy of the claim was mailed to Fred McKim.

    The plaintiff has made a number of errors which will be discussed when the case goes to the resolution hearing. A response has been sent denying the claims of the plaintiff. As always where we have run into problems which have legal ramifications Les Bunning has been most helpful to us. We expect to vigorously contest this and any other case which is brought against us along these lines.

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