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Thread: 4E. FIDE Representative Report

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    Default 4E. FIDE Representative Report

    Hal Bond please post your report here.

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    Default FIDE Report to 2016 AGM

    2016 AGM FIDE Report:

    I am standing for re-election as FIDE Delegate and Zone President. I shall be grateful for your support. There is not a lot to report beyond my previous submissions this year.

    Canadian Seniors
    After a record turnout for the Canadian Seniors Championships in BC, our champions were disappointed to see that the Continental Championship in Bolivia did not happen at the scheduled time. I have asked FIDE America to compensate our players at the World Seniors and President Vega has agreed to discuss the matter in Baku. Since that conversation, we have learned that Bolivia will hold the Continental Seniors in November.

    Congratulations to Vlad Drkulec and his team for their successful organization of the 2016 North American Youth Championships. I chaired the Appeals Committee and I am pleased to report that Chief Arbiter IA Aris Marghetis performed his duties in exemplary fashion so there were no appeals. Thanks to Bernard Labadie, Allan Kaufman and Curtis Chong for their service as members of the Appeals Committee.
    Congratulation to our title and norm winners:

    U18 Open
    IM title: Michael Song
    U18 Girls
    WIM title: Maili-Jade Ouellet
    U16 Girls
    WIM-norm & WFM title: Svitlana Demchenko
    U14 Open
    CM title: Eugene Hua
    CM title: Joshua Doknjas
    U12 Open
    FM title: Nicholas Vettese
    U10 Open
    CM title: Dorian Kang
    CM: Max Chen
    U8 Open
    CM title: Anthony Atanasov

    Olympiad and Congress:
    Once again I am grateful to have sponsorship - as well as two additional anonymous donors - for our teams in Baku. As with 2014, each player receives a stipend. The organizer fees and flight costs for our delegation remain a CFC expense however and funds raised for this purpose are nowhere close to the $27,000 which it will cost. The lapsed FQE agreement had been an important component of the Olympic funding, and hopefully it will be again soon.

    Looking ahead to the FIDE Congress, I am eager to see the financial statements for the past fiscal year and some commentary on the current state of affairs. Budgets of all Commissions have been cut significantly. The Verification Commission is more or less the internal auditor for FIDE and their meeting is high on my agenda.

    A motion has been brought forward by Ian Wilkinson of Jamaica calling for the resignation of President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. Although he is no longer “acting president” this motion seeks to remove him completely. The motion has been filed too late for proper inclusion on the Agenda of the General Assembly. Some members however - including FIDE America President Jorge Vega- would prefer to see the matter discussed anyway, rather than hiding behind bureaucratic procedure. The Presidential Candidates for 2018 are less clear than ever.

    Women’s Zonal 2016 and Men’s Zonal 2017
    Although we are late in organizing this event, so too is FIDE with the Women’s World Championship Tournament to which our champion will qualify. Thank you to Halldor Palsson for bidding to organize this tournament in Ottawa from September 22-26, 2016.

    It is not too early for interested parties to consider bidding on our Men’s (or should I say Open?) Zonal for next year. The winner qualifies to the World Cup in Tbilisi Georgia, September 1-25.

    Respectfully submitted
    Hal Bond
    August 22, 2016

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