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Thread: 7. Closing Comments by Chair

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    Default 7. Closing Comments by Chair

    There were no motions to debate at this meeting and as a result the level of interest was somewhat lower than usual. Unless circumstances change we will have a meeting in May which will hopefully be better attended. The dates for the next meeting are tentatively May 1st to May 8th. The AGM will likely be August 14 to 21, 2016.

    The FQE presented a Quebec City bid for CYCC and Canadian Open for 2018. They have asked that a decision be made by March 31st which is just nine days away. If some other city intends to bid on these two tournaments, I would ask that they indicate interest forthwith. A deadline for expression of interest will be posted shortly. If no one expresses interest then we will proceed with accepting the FQE bid. If there are competing bids then we will have to schedule a vote on the matter which will require at least three weeks notice under the provisions of the NFP act.

    The Premium Chess server is now online. Anyone willing to serve as a technical administrator (one of several hopefully) for this new service please contact myself or the CFC office.

    This meeting is now adjourned.
    Thank you for your participation in this meeting. If you have any motions for either of the next two scheduled meetings please send them to Lyle or myself or both as soon as possible to allow for notification of the voting members as per the NFP requirements.
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