I would like to thank the voting members who participated and voted in this meeting and for your commitment to stand as voting members for the coming term. I would like to thank all of you who stood up and ran for office whether successful or not. I would like to thank Pierre Dénommée who ran for President and for the Treasurer position along with the National Appeals Committee successfully where he has served many times before. There were no motions to vote on though there were many positions to fill at this meeting. For the most part the voting members chose to continue with the individuals that they already knew. I thank you all for the vote of confidence in returning the executive team and assure you that we will work hard to fulfill the trust which you have invested in us.

Let us work together on updating the handbook over the next few months and years. We need to make it internally consistent with all of the provisions that apply to a particular topic or event grouped together. I will look for someone to chair this committee. We have several volunteers interested in particular sections of the handbook. So hopefully we will be able to get this task under way. We have had a pause since the NFP act but it is time again to get to work and create a framework for the CFC that we want to create for now and the future.

The meeting will continue until the scheduled finish time at which point we will adjourn the meeting.

Vladimir Drkulec
Chess Federation of Canada