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Thread: 13. Concluding Address by President

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    Default 13. Concluding Address by President

    I would like to thank the voting members for taking part in the discussions and voting in this meeting. We split up the voting into three separate motions dealing with Chess Olympiad eligibility requirements. The voting members endorsed increasing the minimum number of games to 20 in the year 180 days before the Olympiad. The voting members narrowly said no to the idea of allowing USCF games to be included in the numbers when considering eligibility based on the minimum games. The voting members also did not agree with setting a two year forty game minimum for consideration for the Olympiad team. These new requirements will apply in 2016 so players should make sure that they keep them in mind if they wish to be eligible for the next Olympiad. Players attending school in the U.S. should play in tournaments which are FIDE rated in order to meet the minimum game number requirements if they are unable to come back to Canada to play CFC or FQE tournaments.

    The quarterly next meeting will be tentatively scheduled for Wednesday April 8th through Wednesday April 15th. We should have the next quarterly financial results in the next week or two. They will be posted in the voting members forum shortly after they are available and should be available to the public at large by the next meeting if not before.

    Thank you again for your participation in this meeting. The meeting is now closed.
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