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    Default 12. Closing Address

    I would like to thank everyone who participated and voted in this special Governors meeting on the NFP act transition. We dealt with two motions, one on a proposed minimal bylaw for the CFC and the second on a motion to deal with member discipline under the new NFP act. Both motions passed. There is still a great deal of work to do but we have completed a significant and important required step on the road to compliance under the new act. I am confident and optimistic now that we will be able to complete the governors portion of the task at the April 2014 (Regular) Quarterly meeting which is tentatively scheduled for Apr 6-13, 2014. We will be able to ensure the Chess Federation of Canada's continued existence as a not for profit corporation beyond October 17th, 2014. Thank you all for your diligence and your patience.

    This meeting can now be closed.
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