Okay, so lets call it a wrap.
All executive posts and governors spots are filled.
Another exciting SWOCL AGM. LOL
I am sure it would seem to the casual observer of our AGM that apathy runs rampant in SWOCL, but the opposite is actually true. All the SWOCL governors and executives have their hands full volunteering at the CFC and/or OCA and/or the local club scene, that we sometimes neglect our chores at the SWOCL level.

To sum up:

Garvin has promised to get our website functioning again.
Lee will get the Grand Prix system current.
Bob will follow up on the outstanding fees re. Grand Prix.

Chris, how about we give everyone another 24 hours for comments, then go ahead and archive this meeting.
Lee, if you have any closing remarks as our SWOCL President.

Thanks everyone for participating.