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    Default 7 - Closing Remarks

    Closing remarks by Rob Clark
    Christopher Mallon
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    Firstly thank you very much Chris for setting up the meeting and moderating it. Secondly thank you Brett for making yourself available and providing the documents which seemed to clear up a lot of the confusion. Being OCA Treasurer is a horribly thankless job and takes considerable work, so once again thank you.

    Without beating around the bush, the OCA was rocked by scandal a number of years back. However, with every public meeting of the OCA we take a step forward as an organization and a step away from past mistakes. We take another by now having an executive who is now publicly accountable for their actions. What occurred previously was enormously detrimental to chess in Ontario and Canada. However, from the meetings we've recently had its apparent we have dedicated volunteers and much more scrutiny than before. Filing our taxes is another big step forward that I am happy to see realized. I am pleased with the progress of the OCA and am happy that we are finally being able to slowly restore the OCA's reputation and move forward as an organization with the end goal of the promotion of chess in Ontario.

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