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Thread: 7. FQE Trust Trustees - Nominations

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    Thank you very much for the nomination Chris. After much thought I will only accept the position if Fred McKim doesn't. I think Fred and Gordon are better candidates than myself. Gordon is bilingual and well respected in these maters, and I think Fred would be a good voice as CFC treasurer and as someone from a province other than Ontario. I've also been told that Fred may be bilingual which I think is important. Vlad has yet to attend the meeting and therefore has not accepted the nomination. With this being so late into the meeting I can't see him attending and accepting today. Fred also has yet to accept the nomination.

    Therefore, Gordon is the only candidate on the ballot right now. If he is still the only person on the ballot at the start of voting then I accept the nomination. However, if Fred does end up accepting the nomination I don't wish to run against him (and I decline).

    One question though, what is the length of the term for the position? Is this a one year deal or are these trustees the trustees for the entire 3 year contract?
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    For the record Rob, the reason your name came to mind is twofold: You are involved enough that you can be counted upon to be active, and you are new enough to organized chess to not really have any baggage where Quebec is concerned.
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    This is where we stand: Fred has declined and Vlad has yet to attend the meeting, so Gordon and Rob are likely to be acclaimed in the next few minutes. We will, however, be having a poll regarding Marc as Chair.

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