Governors, here are the results of voting:

2013-A I support Ottawa’s bid for the 2013 CYCC and 2013 Canadian Open 30-0-4

Yes (30) Aris Marghetis Bob Armstrong Bob Gillanders Christopher Mallon Félix Dumont Fred McKim Garvin Nunes Gordon Ritchie Hal Bond Halldor P. Palsson Ken Craft Ken Einarsson Kevin Pacey Lee Hendon Les Bunning Lyle Craver Marcus Wilker Mark S. Dutton, I.A. Michael Barron Nikolay Noritsyn Patrick McDonald Paul Leblanc Peter Stockhausen Pierre Dénommée Rick Pedersen Rob Clark Robert Laszlo Simon Ong Vlad Rekhson Vladimir Drkulec

No (0)

Abstain (4) Ilia Bluvshtein Michael von Keitz Valer Eugen Demian Vladimir Birarov

Therefore by a vote of 30-0 with 4 abstentions the bid is approved - congratulations to the Ottawa organizers and our best for a successful pair of tournaments.

The President has already announced the results of elections for CFC Offices so I shall not repeat them except to certify the results.

Lyle Craver
Secretary, Chess Federation of Canada