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    Default 21) Closing Address

    To be posted below.
    Christopher Mallon
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    The OCA AGM has drawn to a close. All in all it was a favourable AGM with extremely impressive governor participation. There were a number of issues with the conversion of the meeting to an online format, but these will be easily rectified for next years AGM which I would also like to see in an online format. Firstly I would like to thank Chris Mallon and Bob Armstrong for helping me organize and conduct the meeting. Without these two people, the meeting would have been far more difficult to put together and Chris was wonderful with posting. Clearly one of the OCA’s biggest issues is transparency and this was a step in the right direction. People are asking questions which should have been answered years ago and a number of past procedural errors have come to light. Accountability and transparency in the OCA has been increased; as has participation and I am extremely pleased.

    As for the budget, I can appreciate that people are hesitant to financially commit to anything (in light of a certain past transgression by a certain president). However, I encourage any hesitancy to be voiced early. As governors and members of the OCA, if we want to move forward, we need to address any questions that might arise and we must do so openly. With the upcoming financial meeting we have the opportunity to completely clear the air surrounding the OCA’s current finances.

    My main priority in the upcoming term if to have our taxes filed. Following this, I think there are some fantastic opportunities for us to move forward as an organization, promote chess in Ontario and possibly work with some of the great organizations in Ontario with this goal in mind. We have taken a number of steps forward and I anticipate the upcoming term greatly.

    Thank you all for your time and participation.

    Rob Clark
    OCA President
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