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Final round of KW Fall Fast Regular

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We played the final round of this event tonight. I was playing on first board against the highest rated player, Jude Aniunoh.

I really need to work on my openings a bit more, he played a French Defence... I know the basic concepts but my knights ended up with awkward positioning and my King ended up trapped on f1 unable to join in, blocked by my own knights and pawns plus his knight on c2.

I'll have to go over the game more tomorrow, I put up a heck of a defence and really made him earn his point and I think there may actually be a defence in there, I just ran out of time (under 4 minutes left when the position became hopeless).

Jude tied with Mario Piccin to win the event at 4.5/5. Stephen Humphreys was clear 3rd at 3.5/5. I tied for 4th-7th with 3/5.
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