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Book review: Play the Sicilian by Ftacnik

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Point form book review by NM Kevin Pacey: Play the Sicilian by GM Lubomir Ftacnik (Quality Chess 2010)

- repertoire book for Sicilian Najdorf defenders
- written by an expert Najdorf and Scheveningen player whom is a famous opening analyst
- covers all likely Anti-Sicilians that a Najdorf player might face (like many GMs, Ftacnik doesn't hold these in very high esteem)
- provides repertoire choices against all likely 6th moves by White against the Najdorf (like many strong GMs nowadays, the author doesn't seem to hold anything but the English Attack and 6.Bg5 in particularly high esteem)
- repertoire coverage of the English Attack beginning with 6.Be3 is based on both 6...e5 and 6...e6
- repertoire coverage of the 6.Bg5 Najdorf is based on the resurgent 6...Nbd7 and also 6...e6, intending to meet 7.f4 with the revived 7...h6 (a possible slight problem with the latter is that in the notes White has certain ways to make the game dull or drawish if he wishes)
- the author mingles much explanatory prose with detailed variations
- main variations worth recalling are highlighted in bold throughout the book, though complete main illusrative games are offered
- there are hundreds of novelties throughout the book
- in short, the book provides a comprehensive (427 page!) and sharp repertoire against 1.e4, with a nice balance of theory and explanation.

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