Canadian Chess, Eh

So what does an outsider do again?

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For the first time in over a decade, I'm on the outside looking in regarding the CFC. I first became a CFC Governor at the July 2004 AGM in Kapuskasing, ON. By that point I had spent 10 months as Secretary for the Ontario Chess Association and had recently been elected as Vice-President of the OCA. Not only was I an incoming Governor for the CFC in 2004, but I was part of the CFC Reform slate of candidates and was elected Vice-President of the CFC. I was basically Mr. Vice-President at the time, as I also held the post at the regional (SWOCL) and local (Brantford Chess Club) levels at the same time.

During my 10 years as a CFC Governor I was on the Executive four times (VP, President/Past-President and Treasurer). Let me tell you, you do get used to knowing what's going on! However, the CFC did accomplish several of my pet projects during that time, most recently the class title system, and so I feel my chess time can be better spent on other projects.

Still, I will be following the upcoming "Voting Members" meeting (I still don't see why we can't have them be "commonly referred to as Governors"). What do I hope to see? Bids for the Canadian Open/Closed for next year would be nice
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