Vladimir Drkulec

Sobeys class party last night

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We had the advanced class party last night at Sobeys in the Tecumseh Mall. About 20 kids took part.

I learned that little girls that like Pepsi don't like Coke or Diet Coke. Fortunately they did like grape soda and orange juice (separately not mixed together) so everything was happy. I bought way too many potato chips. The parents brought too many sweets and treats and I bought too much pop. I probably should take a cue from the auto industry and employ Just In Time techniques to supply future parties since we have a grocery store downstairs to keep us supplied. Everyone had lots of fun mostly playing doubles (bughouse) chess. Little girls can be very loud when they are having fun playing bughouse.

We were missing a few kids and adults this time. I suspect that it might have had something to do with the flu that seems to be going around or other holiday celebrations and out of town trips in some cases. There were quite a few new faces in the group compared to last year and as mentioned not everyone was there.

The Windsor Junior chess scene is thriving.
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