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Re: large-scale conspiracies debunked by math equation

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Here's a link from this year, with a theory I don't quite believe re: conspiracies. It claims just a relatively low number of people (under 3000) involved would inevitably lead to the conspiracy being revealed (by 5 years time). One notable estimate is that 400,000+ would need to be involved if [manmade global] climate change were a deliberate hoax (I'd say maybe it is a hoax, but junk science also could be a possible explanation):

Why am I skeptical of the theory in the link? The number of perpetrators of the Holocaust are estimated as 200,000+ (not clear to me if the estimate includes, say, train crew & government clerks, for example):

Edit: Similarly, note that 100,000+ people were involved in the Manhattan Project, which stayed secret (as far as the public was concerned, at least) for quite a number of years:

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