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Links: My 12x10 Wide Nightrider Chess & 12x8 Wide Chess

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Below are links to two wide board chess variant inventions of mine that have pages on The Chess Variant Pages; on that free membership website, members can play these variants with its Game Courier email system:

12x10 Wide Nightrider Chess (includes Nightrider and Champion fairy chess pieces plus fast castling rules):

12x8 Wide Chess (includes 2 kinds of non-colour-bound elephant pieces plus fast castling rules):

Below are links to 2 classic 12x8 chess variants from Germany's past, namely Courier Chess & Courier-Spiel:

A link to a blog entry of mine re: some other large board variant inventions of mine (a couple can soon lead to links about classic 10x8 variants Janus Chess and Capablanca Chess):

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