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  1. Epilogue: My becoming a 2400 chess player in 2010

    by , 07-05-2018 at 07:24 PM (Games, analysis and discussion)
    After becoming a 2300 player in the 1980s, for one reason or another I more or less stagnated at that level until mid-2010, when I briefly was rated at the 2400 CFC-rated level at age 49. I rapidly dropped off in rating since that time, to be currently low-2200 CFC. I have my reasons and excuses for the stagnation and drop off in rating, notably not finding the time to do that I know which will possibly help boost my rating at least for a while. What I would like to share instead is five tips about ...

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    Becoming a 2300 player
  2. Links: My 10x8 Hannibal Chess & Frog Chess; My 10x10 Butterfly Chess & Sac Chess

    by , 07-05-2018 at 04:39 PM (Games, analysis and discussion)
    Included below are links to The Chess Variant Pages website re: descriptions of 4 chess variant inventions of mine, most thought of within the last couple of years. On that free membership website, members can play all 4 of these using its Game Courier email system:

    10x8 Hannibal Chess (includes elephant pieces that leap 1 or 2 squares diagonally); with mention of link about old classic 10x8 Janus Chess (therein, link given about old classic 10x8 Capablanca Chess):


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    Chess variants
  3. Goals that the Chess Federation of Canada might aim for in future

    by , 09-14-2017 at 11:44 AM (Games, analysis and discussion)
    Here are some thoughts and lists of mine regarding goals that the CFC might aim for at some time in the future:

    The following is based on an April 2017 chesstalk discussion forum post of mine:

    Regarding the 2012 CFC Long-term Planning Committee report, a lot of the planning was based on repeating previous success stories in the case of Windsor. Fwiw, my first instinct was that Windsor was something of a special case, but I still saw quite a lot that could be salvaged ...

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    Chess issues
  4. 7.1 "THE VOTING BOOTH" CFC Director at Large

    Quote Originally Posted by Lyle Craver View Post
    We have two nominations for CFC Director at Large

    Nominees are (in alphabetical order)

    Mark Dutton

    Voting closes at 6pm ET Saturday August 26th.
  5. Why is chess so popular among board games of skill?

    by , 09-26-2016 at 02:09 PM (Games, analysis and discussion)
    On the Chess Variant Pages website, webmaster Fergus Duniho recently wrote:

    "...Chess has been finely honed by natural selection to be free of arbitrariness. Every rule and piece in Chess serves a purpose, and none are arbitrary. Since Chess is what won the survival of the fittest among Chess variants, I expect that any variant capable of succeeding Chess would also have to be free of arbitrariness. But most Chess variants differ from Chess through some arbitrary change to it, ...

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    Chess issues
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