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  1. Games From The Maritimes: Manley-Dorrance, 2016 Nova Scotia Open

    by , 05-07-2022 at 11:16 AM (Games from the Maritimes)
    With the summer in chess in the Maritimes filling with events for the first time since 2019, I've been looking back at games from past summers ahead of a busy few months, tournament-wise. With the 2022 Nova Scotia Open starting in a week, here's a roller-coaster ride of a key game from back in 2016:

    [Event "Nova Scotia Open"]
    [Site "Halifax"]
    [Date "2016.05.15"]
    [Round "4.1"]
    [White "Manley, Jason"] ...

    Updated 05-08-2022 at 12:12 PM by Jason Manley