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  1. Larsen's Opening

    by , 06-29-2021 at 12:53 PM (Games, analysis and discussion)
    Larsen's Opening (1.b3) is an offbeat flank opening that can lead to many different types of positions. Often White can try to make something of a microscopic edge. In the following game, play takes a wilder turn - the position after Black's odd-looking 4th move is often considered the main line of this opening these days:

    [Event "Internet"]
    [Site "Game Courier"]
    [Date "2016.11.?"]
    [Round "?"]
    [White ...

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    Opening analysis and observations
  2. Some past issues re: CFC Governors (aka Voting Members)

    by , 02-11-2021 at 11:49 PM (Games, analysis and discussion)
    Nowadays the modern NFP act leaves the CFC less flexible in the way it can make changes - at the least a payment to the federal government may be required to change important CFC regulations. Hence at the moment there would seem little appetite for changing the way people become CFC VMs (e.g. One [CFC] Member One Vote, or possibly new qualifications to become/stay a VM), or to change the %/number of VMs chosen annually, notably so that there are less of them, proportionally, compared to the total ...

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    Chess issues
  3. Whether to ask a girl if she has a boyfriend

    by , 09-15-2020 at 06:04 AM (Games, analysis and discussion)
    I haven't had much dating experience in my almost 60 years, and I still am single. However, there is a dating advice question I've given some thought to recently, as prompted by a memory from my youth. Regarding the question of whether a guy should ever ask a girl if she has a boyfriend, I've seen a variety of answers when doing some web searches. After trying to apply some logical thinking to the issue, the correct answer seems clear to me now. Namely, after some sort of introductory conversation(s) ...
  4. Epilogue: My becoming a 2400 chess player in 2010

    by , 07-05-2018 at 07:24 PM (Games, analysis and discussion)
    After becoming a 2300 player in the 1980s, for one reason or another I more or less stagnated at that level until mid-2010, when I briefly was rated at the 2400 CFC-rated level at age 49. I rapidly dropped off in rating since that time, to be currently low-2200 CFC. I have my reasons and excuses for the stagnation and drop off in rating, notably not finding the time to do that I know which will possibly help boost my rating at least for a while. What I would like to share instead is five tips about ...

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    Becoming a 2300 player
  5. Links: My 10x8 Hannibal Chess & Frog Chess; My 10x10 Butterfly Chess & Sac Chess

    by , 07-05-2018 at 04:39 PM (Games, analysis and discussion)
    Included below are links to The Chess Variant Pages website re: descriptions of 4 chess variant inventions of mine, most thought of within the last couple of years. On that free membership website, members can play all 4 of these using its Game Courier email system:

    10x8 Hannibal Chess (includes elephant pieces that leap 1 or 2 squares diagonally); with mention of link about old classic 10x8 Janus Chess (therein, link given about old classic 10x8 Capablanca Chess):


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    Chess variants
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