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Lyle Craver
09-05-2022, 07:33 PM
Sunday September 11, 2022 to Sunday September 18, 2022

CFC AGM Outgoing Meeting Agenda

1. Agenda

2. Opening Comments of Chair

3. voting member Sign-in - sign in by voting for any of the options

4. Reports (Executive members and Officers please post your reports here)
A. President
B. Vice President
C. Secretary
D. Past President
E. FIDE Representative
F. Youth Coordinator
G. Masters Representative
H. Reports from Board Members at Large
I. Woman’s Coordinator
J. Rating Auditor
K. Chess Foundation of Canada
L. Kalev Pugi Fund
M. Treasurer
N. Executive Director: Financial Report

5A Discussion Items
1) Chess after Covid-19
2) CFC financial situation in 2022 and beyond

3) New business

5B Motions
There are no motions.

Part III "The Voting Booth" Voting on motions:
Attention voting members: the voting period is day 4 through day 7

6.1 Voting on motions
Only necessary if there are motions.

Part IV At end of meeting
7. Closing Comments by Chair

8. Adjournment

(Note: not all threads have been created - these will be opened for discussion as applicable - for instasnce there is no 'Voting Booth' set up as there are no pending votes)

Lyle Craver
09-11-2022, 11:41 AM
Special note to all Voting Members:
1. Everyone can see everything whether they are logged into the forum or not

2. Anybody able to read this who SHOULD have access but DOESN'T should contact me by e-mail at lcraver@shaw.ca