View Full Version : Results of Elections and Vote on point of order

Vladimir Drkulec
02-24-2021, 07:16 PM
Congratulations to Patricia Gamliel Director at Large and Victor Plotkin FIDE representative on their joining the board of directors of the Chess Federation of Canada. The vote on the point of order did not overturn the decision of the chair. This was a very raucous election. People need to calm down and get back to doing what we can do to help chess grow and prosper.

Vadim Tsypin
02-24-2021, 07:20 PM
Congratulations to Mr. Victor Plotkin on being elected the CFC FIDE Representative and Zone 2.2 President! I sincerely wish him all the best in meeting new challenges and I will assist to the best of my abilities if he needs my advice.

Thank you to my supporters in all provinces for standing with your convictions. I learned so much from you and I am deeply grateful. Yeats said “Think where man's glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends.” That’s how I feel when the voting ended.

Pierre Dénommée
02-24-2021, 08:29 PM
Congratulations to Patricia Gamliel Director at Large and Victor Plotkin FIDE representative and Zone 2.2 President!.

The election is over and congratulating the winners, whether or not we voted for them, is required by good manners. In any election. I congratulate the winner even if I stood against him, so it is just normal to congratulate the winners and begin to work on the future as a united team.

An election exacerbates divisions within an organization, but now is the time for unity.

Jeremy Clark
02-24-2021, 08:45 PM
Congratulations to Patricia and Victor!

Lloyd Lombard
02-24-2021, 09:44 PM
I posted this on another post as the threads that I was looking at were closed. I was in and out all day and was waiting to vote until tomorrow. I understood that we had until tomorrow to vote ? Anyway, I didn't get to vote. I would suggest that when there's a vote, the time (whether it's Atlantic Time (which is the time zone we're in here in Nova Scotia)) or some other time zone along with the end date of the voting should be clearly stated "in the box where the motion and the vote is located". Thanks, congrats to Victor and Patricia.


Victor Plotkin
02-24-2021, 11:38 PM
I want to thank everyone who endorsed me in this long and difficult campaign - your support was key to helping me win. A special thanks to non-voting members: IM David Cummings, FM Mike Ivanov, FM Mike Dougherty, and David Filipovich for their kind words about me.

My job is "to start filling Hal Bond’s very large shoes," as David Filipovich very accurately said. Canadian chess excellence, on a national and international stage, will be my top priority.