View Full Version : 7. Closing Comments by Chair

Vladimir Drkulec
12-20-2020, 11:07 PM
Thank you to all the voting members who took part in this meeting and those who checked in but maybe didn't have much to add to the discussion. I would ask that if you want to continue discussion of these topics we could do so on the CFC forums. If there are matters that are sensitive we could discuss them on the voting members forum. If there is something that you want us to consider in the next meeting, send Lyle or me an email (or preferably both) along with the member of the executive who might be responsible for the area of interest that you might want to discuss (Christina for Youth, Hal for FIDE, Fred for financial issues and so on). You are welcome to send me an email about any concern at any time. That is true for any voting member, regular member or player, or player's parent. I will answer you as quickly as possible though sometimes it might take a day if it is one of my heavy teaching days.

In the worst case, if we don't qualify for government aid we are probably able to move ahead without tapping foundation funds for a year or more though it will be tough to keep all programs going without that government funding. This will be a bad year financially but we were due for one and the fact that we were prudent for the last seven years means that we should be able to get through this pandemic. It makes some sense to get the things done which were on the back burner, like GoMembership and the website (thank you Don!!!!) and catching up on the receivables which I am pleased to see Bob has been chipping away at.

At this point we can adjourn the meeting, though I will check and see if there were any posts as I was writing this before I close all threads.