View Full Version : 5.5 FIDE Online Events

Lyle Craver
12-12-2020, 03:45 AM
With the Covid pandemic many events have been held online. There are many implications and concerns arising from this

Michael Barron
12-13-2020, 01:22 PM
I believe, we can you this thread not only for FIDE Online Events, but for Online Events in general.

In particular, on chess.com there is Chess Federation of Canada Club:
and I would like to invite all Canadian players to join it.
BTW, it will play the crucial match in World League in just a few minutes:

Sunday December 13th Starting at 1pm ET

This is it Team!! Our last match of the year until most likely the end of January, so be sure to attain this massive match up. One final effort for all the marbles, if we win both our matches against Turkey we're going to tie them in points and with a head 2 head advantage over them, it would guarantee us a first place finish for division 3. We've played very well all season long, most matches we outnumbered our opponents allowing us to gain rating advantages. The one exception when Italy had more players but we still manage to bring 50 to the board. Turkey also brings +50 in big important matches so to gain the advantage over them would mean shattering our attendance record of 57 players.

Let's make this our biggest match to date!!! Like previously said this is our last match for a while. The victory is at the tip of our fingers, we just need to grab it!!

December 13 at 1pm ET - Blitz 5|2


December 13 at 1:45pm ET - Rapid 10|2


It's not too late to join and help Team Canada!

Vladimir Drkulec
12-15-2020, 01:09 AM
They always seem to schedule these matches on my busiest days.